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Posted on Oct 9, 2020

Bottoms Up With Toni

There are 5 Different Love Languages and when you are married our spouse sometimes speak a different love language than you.

How can I speak my wife’s Love Language and how can she speak mine?

Plan of Action:

1. Find out what you need and how you need it and relay that to your spouse.

2. Ask your spouse what she needs and how can you make that happen for her in a way that benefits her and a way that she truly appreciates your effort.

3. Learn the 5 Love Languages. Do not read them once but actually study them.

4. Understand that what your wife needs from you may be totally different than what you may need or require from her and that is totally ok.

5. Be genuine and authentic when you speak your wife’s Love Language because she will know if you are doing it just to shut her up.

6. If your wife does not speak your Love Language have an open discussion on your feelings and needs because they are important too.

7. Communicate with your wife anytime things get out of sync, do not hesitate because that only makes things worse.

What are the 5 Love Languages that every married couple should know and understand? This is explained in our next post, tune in tomorrow and find out.
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